SAD NEWS: Snooker icon Mark Selby retires over ‘pathetic’….

Snooker icon Mark Selby threatens to quit over ‘pathetic’ form ahead of Crucible.

Mark Selby has threatened to retire from snooker following his 10-8 defeat to Gary Wilson in the first round of the Tour Championship, with the 40-year-old bemoaning his “pathetic” performance.

Four-time world champion Mark Selby has admitted he “won’t carry on playing” snooker if his “pathetic” form continues.

Selby suffered a 10-8 defeat to Gary Wilson in the first round of the Tour Championship and said he will walk away from the sport if he struggles at this year’s World Championship, which is due to start later this month.

The 40-year-old was a finalist at last year’s World Championship, where he was beaten 18-15 by Luca Brecel, but he has struggled for form this year. Speaking after his loss to Wilson, Selby said: “I battled but it was terrible.

“If I carry on playing like that, that will be it for me for sure. I’ve always said if it gets to a point where I stop enjoying it and it doesn’t matter whether I am number one in the world or 128, I won’t carry on playing.

“I am putting the work in, but then if you are putting it in for performances like that it seems pointless really. I felt flat out there. It is a big competition and if you can’t get yourself up for competitions like this there is something wrong.

“My performances this year have been like night and day. There has been no consistency. I started the season off OK and then was pathetic midway through. You think you’ve found something and the next game you are back to where you were.

“It is not enjoyable. I am putting the work in and working hard and nothing is happening so maybe it is time to do something else. If I put in the same performance in Sheffield [at the World Championship] that will be me done.”

Wilson also delivered a similar verdict on Selby’s form, admitting he was “thankful Mark didn’t play very well” in their game. “I don’t know how I won, I’m just thankful Mark didn’t play very well because I was embarrassing,” he said.

“The cue action wasn’t even there yesterday, it may have looked a bit better but I felt deep down I was struggling. I was hitting everything really quick and snatchy. I just tried to keep plugging away, that’s all you can do.

“I gave him so many chances, gave him so many lifelines. Really, if I’d been playing decent and Mark played as bad as he did there, I should’ve won 10-3 or 10-4 but it was that bad that it was really close. As I say, I’m just thankful he didn’t play very well either.”

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