SUPRISING NEWS: AFL team is caught blindfolding its players in….

AFL team is caught blindfolding its players in bizarre training drill as coach says ‘I was hoping you wouldn’t ask me about that’.

The Western Bulldogs were spotted running a bizarre training exercise during media conference day on Thursday.

Cameras captured vision of the players wearing blindfolds while being put through their paces at Whitten Oval, in unusual scenes.

Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge later fronted reporters and was served a couple of softball questions on Rory Lobb and Ed Richards before being hit with the question on everybody’s lips.

Was hoping you wouldn’t ask me about that,’ Beveridge said.

‘Josh Piterman, the Phantom of the Opera [star], said he sort of concentrates even more when he puts on the mask, so we figured if we have both eyes shut it would make our boys concentrate a little bit more,’ he said before quickly adding, ‘I’m taking the p***, obviously.’

Beveridge admitted that the timing of the media’s arrival coinciding with the running of the drill was unfortunate, but attempted to explain the left-field concept.

‘When I saw [the camera operator] standing over there with the camera, I said to [assistant coach] Matty Spangher the timing couldn’t be worse,’ Beveridge said.

‘So there are bits and pieces that Johnno [goalkicking specialist coach Brad Johnson] and Matty Spangher [forwards coach] are doing with the forwards just to make them think about different things.

‘Obviously, it goes against logic, you actually watch the ball onto your boot on a set shot so in a significant way it helps remind you that you need to do that.

‘You know, it’s really hard to kick when you’re blindfolded …’

Elsewhere, doubts are growing about the future of Lobb at the Bulldogs, with the club expected to prioritise keeping fellow ruckman Tim English over the former Dockers star.

‘If Tim English stays I expect other clubs to come hard for Rory Lobb,’ Seven reporter Mitch Cleary said on Talking Footy.

‘He was linked to St Kilda a couple of seasons ago when he made the move initially to the Kennel, so watch this space on Rory Lobb.

‘At the age of 31 I think he does have some footy left in him and I think rival clubs will begin to ask the question of a player of his quality.’

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