Do the 49ers Want to Get Bigger on the Offensive Line….?

For a long time, the proper side of the 49ers hostile line has been little and powerless.

The cleared out side is huge and solid. Both Trent Williams and Aaron Banks weigh at slightest 320 pounds. They push individuals around. In the interim, the correct side of the hostile line ordinarily has been much lighter. Mike McGlinchey weighed less than 290 pounds at one point. Colton McKivitz and Spencer Burford each weigh 300 pounds.

Being light makes a difference the proper side of the hostile line execute reach pieces on the 49ers’ outside runs that utilize zone blocking. But the 49ers do not run the ball successfully to the correct any longer. Nearly all of their long runs went to the cleared out final year.

Midway through the season, the 49ers benched Burford and supplanted him with ingenious watch Jon Feliciano, who weighs 325 pounds. He’s much bigger than the correct watches the 49ers ordinarily have had beneath head coach Kyle Shanahan. And in spite of being heavier than Burford, Feliciano fit the framework and updated the offense.

Which brings us to the up and coming draft. Given the victory the 49ers had with Feliciano final season, also the truth that they re-signed him this offseason, it’s conceivable the 49ers proposed to urge greater on the correct side of their hostile line this year. They’ve gone little on that side for so long, and pass security has endured huge time since of it, especially when they confront the Chiefs and All Professional protective handle Chris Jones, who annihilates the 49ers.

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