fired-up: Cowboys reportedly confirmed that the firing request came from……



The Cowboys were the first No 2 seed to lose since the 14-team format was adopted in 2024 and McCarthy’s side is the first not to reach a conference title game after three consecutive 12-win playoff seasons.

But Cowboys general manager and owner Jerry Jones has confirmed McCarthy will get another chance to end the Cowboys’ nearly three-decade stretch without a deep playoff run.

“I believe this team is very close and capable of achieving our ultimate goals and the best step forward for us will be with Mike McCarthy as our head coach,” he said in a statement.

“Mike has the highest regular-season winning percentage of any head coach in Cowboys history, and we will dedicate ourselves, in partnership with him, to translating that into reaching our post season goals.

McCarthy has one year remaining on his contract, which will be his fifth with the club. Jones’ statement made no mention of an extension.

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