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Should the Jacksonville Jaguars trade down in the draft?

The Jags traded back twice last year, and could do it again in the first round of 2024’s draft.

The NFL Draft is right around the corner, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are smack dab in the middle of the pack.

With the 17th overall pick in their pocket, the Jags are probably a bit too far back to get one of the better receivers, and maybe even too far back to get one of the best corners. The Jags are not just one player away from going to the Super Bowl, so a good strategy could be to trade back and draft more players instead of just one guy.

Say what you will about general manager Trent Baalke’s alleged burners, but the man inarguably likes to make trades on draft night. Just last year, the team traded back twice to get the player they wanted all along in Oklahoma tackle Anton Harrison.

As of late, the Jags have had so-so luck in the first round, with a handful of hits and equally as many misses. Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne and Josh Allen are all sure-fire picks. But the Jags have also selected Taven Bryan, C.J. Henderson and K’Lavon Chaisson in recent years. If the fit is not immediately there and evident, trading back could allow the team to wait and get the right guy instead of drafting someone just because they have a pick to burn.

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In 2022, Baalke traded into the first round to select linebacker Devin Lloyd, while in 2015, with the San Francisco 49ers, Baalke traded back two spots to take none other than Arik Armstead.

Recent mock drafts have started predicting the team to move back a handful of spots.’s Chad Reuter thinks the team goes all the way down to 32 with the Athletic’s Bruce Feldman thinking the team jumps back to 23.

At 23 are the Minnesota Vikings, who also own the 11th pick. Minnesota is an interesting candidate for a trade, as the Vikings seriously need some help at quarterback and could want to move up and couple both their picks to move even further down the line.

Trading back to 23 could still mean corner Kool-Aid McKinstry is available, or even corner Terrion Arnold. If the Jags are primed to take a corner, 23 could still be a good spot to do it.

Going all the way back to 32 seems unlikely for the Jags, but depending on what Kansas City offers, it could be something to consider. The Chiefs are likely looking at drafting a receiver, and they could want to move up to make sure they get their guy.

A sleeper team that could potentially make a trade-up is the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins got gashed with injuries last season, and they might see this as the final year of the Tua Tagovailoa experiment. The Dolphins see themselves as close to making a deep run so a good draft could put them over the edge. Moving back to 21 also keeps the Jags in play for a starting-caliber corner.

By no means should Baalke think about trading out of the first round altogether, but moving back a handful of spots while acquiring more Day 2 or 3 talent can’t hurt. The Jags need help with depth at receiver and in the secondary. A trade-back could mean the team gets a starting caliber player in the first and extra talent in the later rounds.

It may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but a trade-back on draft night might just be a solid option for the team.

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