SAD NEWS: Lakers urged to take ‘drastic’ action to rebuild their…

Lakers urged to take ‘drastic’ action to rebuild their roster.

On paper, the Los Angeles Lakers have a roster capable of competing for an NBA championship.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are supposed to be an unstoppable duo on the court. Yet, the Lakers underachieved throughout the regular season and now need to beat New Orleans on Sunday to claim the eighth spot in the Western Conference.

They endured a similar fate last season before closing out the year strong with a run to the Western Conference Finals.

According to a Western Conference executive who spoke with Sean Deveney of Heavy, the Lakers must take ‘drastic’ action in the summer. The executive believes it’s time they begin rebuilding their roster without James and Davis influencing the decision-making process.

“Let LeBron go, trade Anthony Davis, get the Klutch (Sports agency) influence out of there, collect draft picks and start over with young pieces and cap space,” the executive said. “That is what they need. Something drastic. They’re in a loop they can’t get out of. There are more than a few people in that organization who want them to go that route but you know, they’re not at the top of the food chain.”

If Darvin Ham’s team ends the regular season eighth, that would mean they must win one game out of a potential two to qualify for the postseason.

Nevertheless, the Lakers should never have found themselves in this position. They have too much talent to struggle in the middle of their conference. The fact this happened last season, too, should be taken as a warning sign.

The Lakers will always have expectations of contending for a championship. They will also want to keep star names with the franchise.

As such, it’s unlikely they will look to move on from James and Davis. However, James could look to leave on his own accord. He has a player option for next season and could potentially opt out of his current deal.

Whatever happens in the coming weeks, the Lakers’ current roster will be scrutinized in the summer. The front office will look for upgrades and wants more consistency throughout the year.

Los Angeles is the city of champions, after all. And that means dominating all year long, not just in the final month or two.

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