SHOCKING NEWS: Darvin Ham WIFE fires a divorce Due to….

Darvin Ham is married to Deneitra Ham. The couple’s love story is nothing short of a movie script. The couple met in Texas University, where Darvin played basketball and Deneitra completed studies. They went through difficult times where Ham was charged of domestic violence ding his playing days. But Deneitra withdrew the charges and Ham also apologized publically.

On another occasion, Deneitra Ham was sentenced to a year’s probation for hitting her husband on the head with a wine bottle. The incident took place in 2005 and she pleaded guilty. Ham had told authorities that he didn’t want to press charges, but Deneitra was sentenced to an anger management program as well as 30 hours of community service.

Despite these rough patches, the couple managed to stay together and recently celebrated the silver Jubilee anniversary of their marriage.

Deneitra and Darvin Ham have 3 sons named – Darvin Ham Jr, Donovan (15 years old) and Dominic (12 years old). Darvin Ham had his eldest son when he was in High School. Donovan also play basketball.

Ham Jr. played basketball at Northwood University and later joined the team as an assistant coach. He is currently working as an assistant coach at NBA G league team, Cleveland Charge. Ham Jr. also has 3 kids, making Darvin Ham Sr. a grandfather. Dominic Ham is a communications major, and played football for four years as a quarterback and wide receiver when he was in high school.

Darvin Ham credits his boys for instilling a sense of responsibility early in his life. They share very close bond. All three sons congratulated Ham over his Head coach appointment.

Deneitra Ham is an Elementary & Middle School Teacher. She also chairs the Urban Youth Development, a non-profit organization that she co-founded with her husband in 2003.

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