BEARS TRADE: Chicago Bears Acquire Star San Francisco 49ers WR To…

Chicago Bears Acquire Star San Francisco 49ers WR To Help Caleb Williams’ Development In This Trade Proposal.

The Chicago Bears helped out their future rookie quarterback for the upcoming season when they traded with the Los Angeles Chargers for wide receiver Keenan Allen. Caleb Williams, the Bears expected No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, would have D.J. Moore and Allen to throw to in his rookie season.

The Chicago Bears need to add more help for Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams

While that pair would make any rookie quarterback feel comfortable, the Bears could do more to set up Williams or their next quarterback for long-term success. Allen is only under contract for the 2024 season in Chicago, and the Bears need to add another receiver to their corps. The Bears could trade with the San Francisco 49ers for a disgruntled wide receiver.


The 49ers gave developing quarterback Brock Purdy a pass-catching unit that included Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, and Brandon Aiyuk. This arrangement worked perfectly for the 49ers, who won the NFC Championship in Purdy’s rookie season and the Super Bowl in his second season.

Brandon Aiyuk wants a big bag from the San Francisco 49ers.

But the 49ers success has come at the cost of their cap space. Aiyuk wants a payday in the range of $30 million a year. Aiyuk and the 49ers are far apart in negotiations this offseason. Aiyuk recently unfollowed the 49ers on Instagram to signal he is serious about getting a new contract before playing in the 2024 season.

Aiyuk is set to play for about $14 million in the upcoming season. So he’d be playing for about half of what he thinks he should for the season. The 49ers don’t see him as an elite player, and with Purdy’s extension looming in the next offseason, they might not have the money to pay him even if they wanted to.


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