Good News: JJ Redick mentioned 5 Major Reason Why Stephen Curry deserves…

For JJ Redick, he has already decided on who will get his pick for the Clutch Player of the Year award, and that distinction belongs to none other than Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry.

The regular season has ended, so it’s time for the discussion regarding who the most deserving players are of winning the season’s biggest individual awards to take place.

Speaking on his podcast, The Old Man & The Three, Redick explained his simple rationale for voting the Warriors star as only the second-ever winner of the award, following up De’Aaron Fox’s epic clutch campaign in 2023.

This was extreme. I trimmed it down to four people. At last, I went with Steph despite the fact that they had a 23-20 record [in the clutch]. He has the most grip time focuses. He’s shooting 50% from the field, and 46 percent from three in grasp time. A larger number of threes than any other person in grasp time. Simply an extraordinary grip time entertainer as consistently from Steph Curry,” Redick said.

Stephen Curry doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to delivering in the clutch. But the stats don’t lie, and JJ Redick definitely has an ironclad case for voting the Warriors star as the 2024 Clutch Player of the Year.

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