NBA TRADE: Andrew Wiggins trade packages of 331.22m Warriors have…

NBA Trade Rumors: 4 Andrew Wiggins trade packages Warriors must explore.

There could be several options for the Golden State Warriors on the Andrew Wiggins trade front.

NBA Trade Rumors: Exploring four Andrew Wiggins trade packages that the Golden State Warriors should be open to this offseason.

After losing in the opening round of the Western Conference NBA Play-In Tournament, the Golden State Warriors could be on the verge of some big changes this offseason. Of those potential changes, there’s a chance that the Warriors could trade Andrew Wiggins. According to a recent report, the belief is that the Warriors are going to shuffle through trade options for Wiggins this summer.

Considering they shopped him before the NBA Trade Deadline, you’d have to imagine there’s a good chance the Warriors end up pulling the trigger on a Wiggins trade this summer. If they decide to go down that route, there are four potential trade packages the Warriors should be willing to consider.

The Detroit Pistons find their veteran stopgap in Andrew Wiggins

There have been whispers since before the NBA Trade Deadline that the Detroit Pistons could be in the market for a veteran difference-maker in hopes that such a player could help jumpstart the team’s young core. The Pistons have been linked to Tobias Harris recently but if that doesn’t fully come to fruition, perhaps Detroit could turn its attention in the direction of Andrew Wiggins. They’re similar-type players and would probably get a bigger bargain in the long run with Wiggins.

As a player that could play off the young Pistons, Wiggins makes a ton of sense for a team that is simply trying to break out of irrelevancy in the Eastern Conference. Putting together a package centered around a couple of second-round picks and Evan Fournier (after opting into the team option) might be enough considering how low Wiggins’ trade value may be at the moment.

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