Brave Moves: The Golden State Warriors have made a big decision this Off-season regarding…

This offseason, the Golden State Warriors must make a significant decision regarding Klay Thompson.

Thompson will be an unhindered free specialist, and there are inquiries concerning whether the Champions will re-sign him. Thompson’s return to Golden State is anticipated. However, if he were to become available, a few notable teams might be interested in him. posted odds recently on what Thompson’s next team is likely to be. They have the Warriors favored to retain Thompson. The Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Clippers and San Antonio Spurs are the teams next on the list to land him.

Here are their odds:

Golden State Warriors +300

Philadelphia 76ers +325

Los Angeles Lakers +450

Orlando Magic +650

Los Angeles Clippers +700

San Antonio Spurs +1000

The Lakers and Clippers are division rivals to the Warriors. In particular, the Lakers are led by LeBron James, who has long been a rival of Thompson and the Warriors. Now there is a possibility that the two could be teammates.

Thompson found the middle value of 17.9 focuses per game this season and battled with his shot. He hit 43.2% of his field goals, 38.7% of which were three-pointers. In the team’s play-in loss to the Kings last week, he did not score. The 34-year-old may not want to end his Warriors career in that manner. So one specific result could seem OK for Thompson and Brilliant State.

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