Done Deal: The Yankees have made the decision of swapping Juan Soto for  $335 million…

The sense of two teams coming to an agreement, this would not be a traditional trade. But New York baseball insider Jon Heyman says that the Yankees and Mets could actually swap star sluggers Pete Alonso and Juan Soto, with Soto being signed out of the Bronx by the Mets and the Yankees stealing Alonso from Queens.

The logic is sound. The Mets are happy with Alonso, of course, and have designs on re-signing him. But perhaps they could first take a detour and kick the tires on Soto, who is four years younger than Alonso and is the better all-around hitter. If that interaction gains traction and the Mets sign Soto, the Yankees would be on the lookout for a replacement.

Signing both Alonso and Soto would be too costly for the Mets, so Alonso would a good consolation prize for the Yankees. He’s not the disciplined hitter Soto is, but he is more of a pure slugger.As Heyman wrote in the New York Post: “Is it possible slugging superstars Pete Alonso of the Mets and Juan Soto of the Yankees trade places this winter? While the most probable scenario has one or both star free agents staying put, the possibility of the mega-stars swapping teams shouldn’t be considered completely fanciful.”

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