Sad News:49ers management suspend Kyle Shanahan for being irresponsible..

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t’s not just his inauspicious departure from Denver that should raise some red flags ahead of Randy Gregory’s arrival with the 49ers. It’s also his history as one of the most oft-suspended players in the history of the NFL, which started in his rookie year and included substance abuse bans that kept him out for all of 2017 and all of

He was also suspended a game last season for punching a Rams player. Coach Kyle Shanahan was asked about Gregory’s lengthy docket with the league office.

“Yeah, you look into all that stuff always, but you always judge a guy when you get to know him and it’s our first time to do it,” Shanahan said, via 49ers Webzone. “But also there’s a lot of people I know really well that speak extremely highly of him and it’s very consistent.

“So I’m excited about the person we got, the character of the guy, from what I’ve been told from everyone who knows him. And we love the tape. I know he has messed up at times in the past, but from the type of person I’ve been told that he is, we’re really excited to have him here.”

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