FALCONS DRAFT: Three players the Atlanta Falcons sellected for trade on draft night..

3 players the Atlanta Falcons would trade on draft night

I think we can all agree that we don’t see as many draft-day player trades as we wish. As fun as it is seeing picks flip-flop, it is much more fun seeing players moved around, along with picks.

The Atlanta Falcons find themselves in a position to be aggressive. They have their offense evened out and now they are looking to get younger on the defense. They hold eight picks, which is a solid amount, but they could look to move up the board by trading a player.

Here are three players who could find themselves dispensable on draft night.

The Atlanta Falcons could trade QB Taylor Heinicke on day three

Taylor Heinicke, at the very least, is going to be competing for a spot on the Falcons roster with a rookie quarterback. That is his best-case scenario while the worst would be getting cut or traded for very little.

Heinicke is not going to have much value. He is older, has reached his peak, and hasn’t played well these past few years. The Falcons could dangle him as a piece if they are looking to trade up late on day three.

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