LAKERS SHOCKING UPDATE: Lakers Star Anthony Davis Ripped by Draymond Green Over…

Lakers Star Anthony Davis Ripped by Draymond Green Over Callout.

raymond Green called out Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis for critical comments aimed at Darvin Ham and the coaching staff.

Davis made the comments after the Lakers dropped Game 2 to the Denver Nuggets.

“We have stretches where we don’t know what we’re doing on both ends of the floor,” Davis said on April 22 after the Lakers blew a 20-point lead and fell behind 2-0.

Green took issue with Davis’s statement, saying he was throwing the second-year head coach under the bus.

“I was very disappointed in AD’s statement after the game,” Green said on “The Draymond Green Show” on Friday. “I got a lot of love and respect for AD, but the reason I was disappointed in his comments is because, number one, Darvin Ham was a player, and Darvin Ham is a black man. And to just throw him under the bus like that — I didn’t like that. I didn’t appreciate it; I didn’t respect it. I could be a little biased because Darvin Ham was my OG from Saginaw, Michigan, but I am very disappointed in AD.”

The comment from Davis is part of the mounting frustration for the Lakers. The team has been unable to figure out the Nuggets. LA has dropped 12 straight against Nikola Jokic and Co. and faces a potential sweep in Game 4 on April 27.

Lakers Coach Darvin Ham Responds to Anthony Davis

Ham handled Davis’ comments diplomatically. With the Lakers fighting to keep their season alive, it was the right choice.

“I mean, I just think sometimes the plays don’t turn out the way you think they should (and) the frustration sets in a little bit,” Ham said on April 24. “But I don’t think this was (about) not being organized. I think I have incredible knowledge and focus all along my staff. We pride ourselves — whether it’s practice, shootarounds, film sessions, games, everything — we pride ourselves on being highly efficient and organized.

“So I just chalk that up to being frustrated. It’s an emotional game, with the way it ended and all of that. But I would agree to disagree on that one.”

Internally, the Lakers were not happy with one of their stars airing his grievances so publicly.

“I can tell you, from speaking with people within the Lakers’ organization, they were upset and disappointed, quite frankly, by AD’s comments,” NBA on TNT’s Jared Greenberg said. “Publicly going out there, and putting his coach out there like that, particularly because the Lakers clearly had a good enough understanding of the game plan Monday to take a 20-point lead.”

Lakers Say They Lack ‘Experience’ to Beat Nuggets

No team has ever climbed out of a 0-3 hole in the postseason. If the Lakers hope to keep their season alive, they’ll have to do so. But the vibes in the building sound like hope may be dwindling.

“Clearly we have to do something better,” Lakers forward Rui Hachimura said on Friday, April 27. “We’ve been trying. We’ve been watching a lot of film. We’re adjusting different coverages. But as a team, in my opinion, we just don’t have enough experience. … They’ve been together for like five years.The Lakers will host the Nuggets for Game 4 on Saturday, April 27. Denver is a 3.5-point road favorite for the matchup.”

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