UBELEAVIBLE NEWS:Earlier today at 7pm head coach of warriors Steve Kerr have signed a divorce with he his wife due to

Steve Kerr's daughter Maddy was elbowed in head by Cavs fan

The hot-seat season has commenced for NBA coaches, and Dub Nation surely enjoyed its opening night.

There was Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis, after LA’s loss to the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night, grabbing the microphone and taking a transparent shot at head coach Darvin Ham.

“We have stretches where we just don’t know what we’re doing on both ends of the floor,” Davis said, knowing how the comment would be interpreted.

Having endured multiple storms of criticism this season, Ham fired back on Wednesday, saying he’ll “agree to disagree on that one.”

When unrest hits the Lakers, Warriors fans reach for the popcorn and find a comfortable seat – not only for the squabbling down south but because of the relative serenity in the Bay Area.

Not once this season – or any other season – has one of Golden State’s core veterans ever hinted at disapproval of coach Steve Kerr. The history of the NBA tells us that grumbling vets are the surest sign of discontent.

Stephen Curry has not gone there because it’s not his nature to hydrate seeds of controversy and, also, he genuinely believes Kerr is the right coach. Klay Thompson, even in his darkest moments, has not chipped at Kerr out of respect for all that has been accomplished under the coach.

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