ESPN REPORT: The Chicago Bears select Caleb Williams a vital quarterback, with the first pick in

WASHINGTON Caleb Williams’s cheeks started to well up with tears. The nine-year-old was shocked by his own error.Williams was starting the Bowie Bulldogs’ inaugural game at quarterback in Maryland. In the three years before now, he’d played linebacker and running back combined.
However, following his observation of Williams’ 40-yard touchdown pass on the exact moment the previous season while serving as his team’s third-string quarterback, Mark McCain, Russell Thomas, and Caleb’s father, Carl Williams, decided to give the fourth-grader a shot at signal caller.
So here was Williams, playing in his first 7-on-7 game, and his opening pass was intercepted.
He misread a 15-yard pass attempt that he attempted. He paid for what he saw as the defense’s setup and ignored it.

“Since I was 4, when I lost, I cried,” Williams told The Pivot Podcast. “One thing about me is my guys know I care … and winning is the most important thing to me. … There is a time and a place for it and understanding, even if it’s raw emotion, and it comes out then and there, but being able to control it and hold it in until you get home.

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