LAKERS TRADE UPDATE: Five Best ‘Sign-And-Trade’ Deals Lakers have For D’Angelo Russell This …

5 Best ‘Sign-And-Trade’ Deals Lakers Can Get For D’Angelo Russell This Summer.

D’Angelo Russell once again failed to impress in the playoffs, and the Lakers need to trade him this summer to create a new Big Three.

The Los Angeles Lakers, to nobody’s true surprise, are close to exiting the playoffs in the first round at the hands of the championship-favorites Denver Nuggets. The Lakers were supposed to put up a fight against the Nuggets but instead extended a losing streak to their rivals, which reached 12 games until the team managed a 119-108 win on Saturday night. Despite LeBron James and Anthony Davis having a positive postseason in terms of their individual performances, the Lakers failed and D’Angelo Russell is one player who is to blame.

While the blame needs to be spread to most individuals on the team, D’Angelo Russell can be made the most expendable because he is the most valuable trade asset. The point guard averaged 14.3 points per game on 35.3% from three in the playoffs, well below his average of 18.0 points per game on 41.5%. At 28 years old with a player option worth $18,692,307 this summer, D’Angelo Russell could be used in one of these five sign-and-trade details.

Trae Young is the best player in the NBA who is on the trading block this summer and the Lakers’ best chance to create a Big Three comes with acquiring the point guard.

Trade Details

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Trae Young

Atlanta Hawks Receive: D’Angelo Russell (Sign and Trade), Austin Reaves, Gabe Vincent, 2028 First-Round Pick Swap, 2029 First-Round Pick

Trae Young, widely regarded as one of the premier point guards in the NBA, brings a dynamic scoring ability and playmaking prowess that perfectly complements the talents of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. His exceptional court vision and deep shooting range make him an ideal fit within the Lakers’ offensive scheme, which struggled to find consistency, ranking 15th in offensive rating (115.9).

With Young at the helm, the Lakers’ offense gains a new dimension, capable of exploiting defensive mismatches and generating high-quality scoring opportunities. Moreover, Young’s youth and potential for growth position him as a long-term cornerstone for the franchise, offering a seamless transition once LeBron James eventually retires. At only 25 years old, Young is a budding star and will only improve in terms of his overall impact. This season, he averaged 25.7 points, 10.8 assists, and 1.3 steals per game on 37.3% from three.

By assembling a formidable Big Three consisting of James, Davis, and Young, the Lakers not only bolster their championship aspirations in the short term but also lay a strong foundation for sustained success in the years to come. James will be 40 next season and the Lakers need to carefully consider their future even if The King re-signs or opts into his player option. Young can become the new face of the Lakers for the foreseeable future, regardless.

Dejounte Murray is another guard who is likely available this summer because he doesn’t command the salary of a number-one option but can immediately improve a contender.

Trade Details

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Dejounte Murray

Atlanta Hawks Receive: D’Angelo Russell (Sign and Trade), Jarred Vanderbilt, 2029 First-Round Pick

There is a second trade situation involving Dejounte Murray as an alternative option for the Los Angeles Lakers. Murray, known for his defensive prowess and versatile skill set, could serve as an excellent complement to LeBron James and Anthony Davis, providing stability and playmaking ability in the backcourt. While not as flashy as acquiring Trae Young, Murray’s defensive tenacity and ability to facilitate offense could address some of the Lakers’ needs, particularly on the defensive end, where they ranked lower than desired.

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