BEARS UPSATE: Chicago bears management has Fired Luke Getsy due to the misconduct and…

Did The Bears Want To Fire Luke Getsy? New Report Suggests No

The Chicago Bears decided to wipe the slate clean on offense this off-season. Quarterback Justin Fields was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a conditional draft pick, and offensive coordinator Luke Getsy was dismissed. Shane Waldron came over from Seattle to replace him while Caleb Williams prepared to take over at quarterback. Nobody complained. After two years of inconsistent performances, fans were ready for something new. However, it appears some inside Halas Hall would’ve preferred to keep the status quo if given the choice.

Jeff Hughes of Da Bears Blog offered an interesting update on what happened that led to the changes. Based on his findings, GM Ryan Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus saw Fields as the bigger problem on offense. They weren’t completely displeased with what Getsy had done. Unfortunately, they recognized it would be a hard sell to fans if they chose to keep him. So they made a change. Even so, that didn’t stop them from singing his praises when other teams reached out

Luke Getsy leaving was best for everybody.

Sticking it out would’ve been a PR nightmare for the Bears and would’ve generated loads of negativity at a time when the organization couldn’t afford it. The Caleb Williams pick would have been soured because everybody would immediately assume Getsy would ruin him, fair or not. The best thing to do was let him get a fresh start elsewhere. Getsy reunited with Davante Adams in Las Vegas where he will have a head coach ready to embrace whatever philosophy he wants to implement. Meanwhile, Waldron can renew his relationship with Williams that began seven years ago.

It is always fascinating to hear details come out after sweeping changes are made. There is no getting around the facts at this point. The Bears felt Fields wasn’t the guy they needed at quarterback. Poles even admitted they chose to make a change right after the regular season ended. Maybe if the current regime were better established, they might’ve risked keeping Luke Getsy. He did great things for the run game. Perhaps he deserved a chance to open up the pass with a new quarterback.

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