SHOCKING NEWS: Chicago Bears player on run from police after bank fraud allegations…

Ex-Bears player on run from police after bank fraud allegations

Buster Skrine used to go after wide receivers downfield during his time in the NFL, which included a stint with the Chicago Bears. This time, however, he’s the one on the run, with reports surfacing that police are hunting the former pro defensive back over fraud allegations in Canada.

Skrine was supposed to appear in the court in Durham region but did not show up. He also apparently removed his GPS monitor, as his tracker has gone offline. It did not take the authorities long to figure out that the former Bears cornerback was on the loose, forcing them to look for Skrine with the intention of not just getting him back to appear in court but also adding more to his legal troubles.

However, the Durham Regional Police Service said Wednesday Skrine, who had been out on bail since April 12, never showed up to the date … and a short time later, authorities say they noticed his GPS ankle bracelet had gone offline too.

Now, they say they’re looking to bring him back in … and hit him with some additional criminal charges — failing to appear and failing to comply with the release order.

Skrine was initially arrested in 2023 at a Canadian airport while he was believed to be making his way back to the United States. The arrest was made over allegations that he defrauded multiple Canadian banks for more than $100,000. After introducing himself as a former player in the NFL to the banks, Skrine allegedly opened up accounts and used illegal checks to get money. At that time, he was reportedly hit with a total of 14 charges ranging from fraud and possession of illegally obtained property.

This is not a good look on Skrine, who is only making his situation worse by keeping himself out of reach of the police.



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