DONE DEAL: The Los Angeles Lakers have “Aggressively” traded Their 2024 First-Round Draft PicK…

The Los Angeles Lakers Are “Aggressively” Trying To Trade Their 2024 First-Round Draft Pick.

Lakers are rushing to trade their 2024 first-round pick.

The Los Angeles Lakers have a busy summer ahead, and trading their upcoming first-round pick has become one of their top priorities in the 2024 offseason. According to Lakers insider Jovan Buha, the Lakers will be aggressive in their pursuit of a trade that will either land them a third star or a valuable bench player.

“The Lakers are going to look to move that No. 17 pick on draft night. It will be the first time that they could use all three of their tradable first-round picks,” said Buha. “It’s a prime opportunity for them to potentially get either a third star or to improve the roster by attaching one or two or three of those picks alongside players under contract to upgrade the starting lineup or the bench. But it’s the first time they’ll have more than one pick at their disposal. And my understanding is that they are going to be aggressive. And they’re going to be active. And they’re going to try and use that.”

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