DONE DEAL: Jets Grounded as a Fit for a “Stunned” $180 million Pro Bowl quarterback…

Jets Grounded as a Fit for a “Stunned” $180 million Pro Bowl quarterback.

Anytime that Aaron Rodgers has talked about playing multiple years for the New York Jets he said it depends how his body feels. What the green and white know is they have him for 2024, anything after that is up in the air.

If New York is in the quarterback market in 2025, Bill Barnwell of ESPN threw out an intriguing possible name to keep an eye out for.

“Otherwise, the other potential landing spots appear to be with the Raiders, Steelers, and Titans, none of whom have a settled quarterback of the future. The Giants, Jets, Saints, Seahawks, and even the Dolphins could also be in the market for a veteran starter,” Barnwell explained. “If [Kirk] Cousins plays well in 2024 and both he and the Falcons want to split, there will be a market for him next year. Next time around, Cousins might just want to try to get his new organization to promise it won’t draft a quarterback immediately after acquiring him.”

The Atlanta Falcons signed Kirk Cousins to a four-year deal for $180 million with $100 million of that in total guarantees during free agency this offseason. Shortly after signing him, the Falcons turned around and shocked the NFL world by selecting Washington’s Michael Penix Jr with the No. 8 overall pick in the draft.

Dianna Russini of The Athletic said she was told that Cousins was “a bit stunned” and was caught off guard by the move.

The Jets Could Take Advantage of the Cousins-Falcons Situation

As soon as the Falcons turned in the draft card for Penix, the clock started ticking. He is signed to a four-year standard contract with a fifth-year option.

The benefit of taking a rookie quarterback in the draft is their salary is cheap for several years. However, that can be mitigated when you sign a veteran 35-year-old quarterback to record-breaking money on the open market.

It’s not a matter of if, but rather when Atlanta will move on from Cousins for Penix. If the current emotions of Kirk are any indicator then that is coming sooner rather than later.

“Cousins’ agent, Mike McCartney, told ESPN’s Pete Thamel that the Falcons did not tell the quarterback they would pick Penix until the team was on the clock. McCartney said there is frustration and confusion coming from Cousins’ camp because Atlanta did not use its first-round pick to make the team better in 2024,” per Marc Raimondi of ESPN.

The Jets could be in the market next season for a quarterback for good or bad reasons. Either Rodgers suffered another injury and he decided to call it quits. Or the Jets just won the Super Bowl and Rodgers decides to walk off into the sunset.

Some Awkwardness to Get Over for the Jets…

The Jets have a win now roster. If Rodgers was to leave the team next offseason, Cousins on paper would be an ideal fit for what Gang Green is looking for.

However, for that relationship to work the two sides might want to schedule some counseling.

In 2018 the Jets were hot and heavy after Cousins in free agency. New York offered a three-year deal for $90 million with all of it guaranteed. However, the former Michigan State product revealed in a documentary that he only used the Jets as leverage to get more money out of the Minnesota Vikings.

While the current Jets’ regime is different than it was in 2018, there might need to be some fences mended there. Because of how everything played out, a marriage between the two sides might not even be possible.

Cousins released the documentary himself and it made the Jets look bad publicly. Although if Cousins gives the Jets the best chance to win next year maybe bygones can be bygones.


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