Steelers Update: The Pittsburgh Steelers acquired Justin Fields from the Chicago Bears at…

Bears Coach Criticizes Steelers Quarterback Justin Fields..

The Pittsburgh Steelers acquired Justin Fields from the Chicago Bears at a modest cost, banking on his potential to blossom in the NFL beyond his current performance level. However, not everyone shares this optimism. A past coach, in a conversation with Tyler Dune of Go Long TD, expressed skepticism about Fields’ abilities, even going so far as to criticize his gameplay as “subpar.”

The coach pinpointed issues with Fields’ field vision, remarking on his tendency to scan the entire field without focusing on specific targets effectively. This, according to the coach, results in disjointed play and overall poor football execution.

Despite Fields’ underwhelming record of 10-28 as a starter, his career has been marked by instability, having worked under three different offensive coordinators and two head coaches in as many seasons. Ultimately, Chicago opted to draft Caleb Williams with the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, leading to Fields’ trade to Pittsburgh for a conditional sixth-round pick in 2025.

In Pittsburgh, Fields is slated to serve as a backup to Russell Wilson in the 2024 season, affording him the opportunity to refine his skills while apprenticing under a seasoned veteran and Super Bowl champion. Although there are doubters, the Steelers remain optimistic about Fields’ potential impact, despite reservations voiced by one of his former coaches.

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