Incredible: Governor Gretchen Whitmer rates Michigan as…..

Governor Whitmer is betting on the College Football Playoff National Championship with the Governor of Washington State.
Governor Whitmer and the Governor of Washington State are betting on the College Football Playoff National Championship.
00: 52 (CBS Detroit) – Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Washington State Governor Jay Inslee plan to place bets ahead of the College Football Playoff national championship game.
The Michigan Wolverines will face the Washington Huskies on January 8th in Houston, Texas.
“The people of Michigan and college football fans across the country will enjoy watching the College Football Championship Game between the Michigan Wolverines and the Washington Huskies,” said Whitmer.
“I’m confident the Wolverines will be the winners on Monday, and I’m willing to bet Governor Inslee on the Michigan product.
” “Go Blue!
” ‘ Mr.
Whitmer on a Pack of Lake Brewing I said I would bet.
” Haze and Blue IPA.
Hazy IPA contains Citra and Mosaic hops and real blueberries.
“I’m confident our Huskies will come out on top,” Inslee said.
“After Penix finishes his game against the Wolverines, it’s the next governor’s state.
” The coalition’s speech is “Fix the damn secondary!
” ”’ Mr.
Inslee is the owner of Yakima Wines from Natchez Heights Vineyards.
He said he bet one case.
Michigan State wishes the Wolverines the best of luck in their final game, Whitmer said.

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