Sam Laporta must play outside shot again…

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell provided an update on injured players Kalife Raymond and Sam LaPorta on Monday after the team’s 30-20 win over the Minnesota Vikings.
Although he was initially diagnosed with a hyperextended knee after Sunday’s game, Campbell acknowledged that Laporta still has a chance to play for the Lions, who will face the Rams in the wild-card round of the playoffs.
As for whether the Lions might look elsewhere for help, Campbell said he thinks the team will be satisfied with the status quo.
“No, I think it’s okay,” Campbell explained.
“I know Brad keeps his eyes open and he’s always looking for things that can help us.
But look, Laporta now has a chance on the outside.
You’ll know a lot about him within 48 hours.
But he has an outside shot.
” If Laporta misses the game, his absence will be difficult.
He had a historic rookie season, breaking the NFL receiving record for a tight end in his first year.
Raymond also injured his knee in Sunday’s win.
Campbell said the wideout is slightly behind LaPorta in terms of his chances of playing in the postseason opener.
“I think Reef is kind of on that ship and probably a little further out than La Porta,” Campbell said.
“But it’s a lot and we’re talking days instead of weeks, so that’s good.
Brock (Wright) is going to be much better and ‘Jamo’ (Jameson Williams) is going to be much better as well.
It’s getting better.
So we’re in a good situation now.
Arizona Cardinals tight end Zach Ertz celebrates a touchdown.
Pros and cons of Lions signing Zach Ertz Read more Campbell later clarified that he believes both Jameson Williams and Brock Wright should practice Wednesday.
He also said he’s not optimistic about James Houston’s chances of returning for Sunday’s game.
“Houston is going to attend training.
Let’s see.
He’ll be better than last week, how much does it cost now?
” How good would it be?
I don’t know,” Campbell said.
“I’m not that optimistic about him.
” I think Jamo would be good here.
He should be ready for training on Wednesday.
And I think Brock will be ready and able to practice outside.
” “Lions vs.
” Sunday’s playoff matchup will be a fascinating matchup.
It will be the first time Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford will play at Ford Field since he was traded for a package that included Jared Goff.
As the stakes rise in Sunday’s meeting, the storylines for each quarterback facing his former team only increase the intrigue.
But Campbell remained adamant that Sunday’s game was more than just a quarterback battle.
“I understand why people are drawn to it, so I think that’s why they appreciate sitting where other people are,” Campbell said.
“I understand this is one of those stories.
But it’s also a reminder, and Goff knows that, for example, but we win as a team.
Now, this is a Lions Against the Rams, we won here by a three-phase margin, and he’s a big part of that and all he has to do is do his part.
And he knows it.
So he’s just going to do what he’s been doing all year.


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