Good news:Thanks to Jake Browning for making the Bengals game so enjoyable to watch | Opinion.

Like probably everyone else in the sports world, I thought my beloved Cincinnati Bengals’ year was ruined when quarterback Joe Burrow was sidelined with a season-ending wrist injury.
I concluded.
As an avid Bengals fan, I still intended to watch every game, but my expectations, especially my dreams of winning the Super Bowl, were certainly tempered.
Other than his preseason performance, I knew little about Browning.
To be honest, I wasn’t very impressed.
In fact, I might have counted myself among the Bengals who thought the team needed to find a better backup quarterback at the beginning of the season, especially with Burrow missing the game with a calf strain.
do not have.
Hey, was I wrong?
The Bengals clearly knew there was something in Browning, who threw a high school record 91 touchdown passes in 2014 (229 over three seasons) and was a college standout for the Washington Huskies.
I was there.
He exceeded everyone’s expectations except perhaps his own, becoming one of the most compelling and feel-good stories of the NFL’s second half.
Needless to say, he’ll probably get an additional Ching-A-Ling at some point in the future.
Although the Bengals didn’t make the playoffs behind Browning, he was still a winner (4-3 as a starter) and proved to be a starting-caliber quarterback in the NFL.
Browning certainly didn’t do it alone.
He was surrounded by the league’s best offensive talent and great coaches.
However, finding a capable replacement who can step in and win in the most difficult position in football will not be easy.
That’s why Cincinnati is lucky to keep Browning around for this long.
I’m surprised I won’t be able to watch my favorite team competing for the Super Bowl in the playoffs this weekend.
But I want to thank Jake Browning for making the rest of the Bengals’ games exciting and interesting and giving me a glimmer of hope until the end.


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