Just in: Bucs Had A Brain Fart & Didn’t Use Final Timeout…

  1. Bucs Had A Brain Fart & Didn’t Use Final Timeout..

The Tampa Bay Bucs-Detroit Lions ended in bizarre fashion due to some clock mismanagement by the Bucs.

While up 8 points on third down and with 35 seconds left on the clock, the Lions decided to kneel the ball on an early snap to run out the clock. Fans immediately noticed that the Bucs had a timeout remaining and could have stopped the clock which would forced the Lions to kick a 45-yard-field goal on 4th down.

NFL fans were confused as to why the Bucs didn’t use their last time

“Why didn’t the Bucs call a timeout when the Lions took a knee on 3rd down with 35 seconds left? Who knows what could have happened? Lions would have had to kick a field goal. Maybe they miss or it’s blocked? Way crazier things have happened then driving the field in 30 seconds…” said one fan.

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