SHOCKINGNEWS:With the Super Bowl in 2024, Las Vegas..

With the Super Bowl in 2024, Las Vegas is expecting a lot of rain and chilly weather.

The 2024 Super Bowl is going to be played indoors, so the weather isn’t likely to directly impact what you’re going to see on Sunday, but for those in Las Vegas, the weather has been incredibly unsettled since the weekend and will continue to be that way all week.

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The wet, rainy conditions that have pounded California, causing states of emergency and heavy flooding, are moving eastward through Nevada. (They are not expecting as catastrophic of a deluge in Las Vegas, whereas parts of California have seen multiple inches of rain.) Vegas also experienced some minor flooding on Monday, but that’s supposed to subside overnight into Tuesday.

The National Weather Service expects the weather to calm down as the week goes on, leading to better conditions for game day. That being said, there is rain in the forecast in various amounts all the way through Friday. They’re predicting the outdoor temperature will be in the mid-50s over the weekend.

This is extremely unusual weather for Las Vegas, a city sees 294 sunny days per year and is one of the driest cities in the United States, with an average of about five inches of rain per year.

Where it could impact the game in some way is on the playing surface. The Raiders play on natural grass, and during the week, the grass is rolled out next to the stadium to get sun. Well, it’s getting a whole lot of water this week, too.

Despite the heavy rain, the Las Vegas airport has remained largely unaffected. Both teams were able to land without incident, though 49ers fans who went to the airport to send off their team were very soggy by the end of the celebration.

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