Stephen A. Smith responds to LeBron James regarding…

Stephen A. Smith, an ESPN personality, retaliated against LeBron James on Friday following the Lakers star’s criticism of the media regarding Joel Embiid’s scrutiny.

James took issue with criticism hurled at Embiid for missing games with a knee injury. James wrote on X that no one was taking accountability or apologized to the Philadelphia 76ers star after the center suffered a knee injury against the Golden State Warriors.

Smith said on “The Stephen A. Smith Show” that James should “watch his mouth” when criticizing TV shows and podcasts because nobody calls “The Shop” a so-called “dumba– show.

LeBron James, why deceive? Who discussed Joel Embiid and raised doubts about his injury? Joel Embiid was drafted third overall years ago and missed the initial two seasons due to an injury,” Smith expressed. “He’s faced multiple injuries throughout his career and has had questionable knees the entire time. What are you even talking about?

We all know about his injury history; he’s injury-prone. Despite being the reigning NBA MVP, he got injured on Tuesday night with a diagnosed meniscus injury to his left knee. Nobody was surprised by Joel Embiid’s situation. People were pointing out that if you could play against the Warriors in Golden State, you could have played a few days earlier against the reigning champion Denver Nuggets and Nikola Jokić. You hadn’t played in Denver, a place you visit once a year, since 2019. So, they hadn’t seen Joel Embiid play in person.

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