Evan Fournier: “I’m So Happy To Be Leaving New York At Last”….

Evan Fournier: “I’m So Happy To Be Leaving New York At Last”.. “I’m Really Excited To Be Out Of New York,” says Evan Fournier.
Evan Fournier was dealt to the Detroit Pistons during the trade deadline, ending his arduous three-year tenure with the Knicks. After spending just one season with the organization, Evan Fournier lost his spot in the rotation, so the New York Knicks have had a frustrated player on their roster for the past two seasons. The Knicks tried several times to transfer Fournier, demanding deals, but in the end, they sent him to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Alec Burks and Bojan Bogdanovic.

Evan Fournier absent face à la Lituanie • Basket USA

Fournier told reporters in Detroit that he was ecstatic to be out of New York at last.
“I am really excited to finally be out of New York, so looking forward to a new opportunity.” Fournier also made a few brief remarks regarding the inexperienced Pistons team he will be joining.
“It’s evident from watching those most recent games and a few workouts that this is a passionate, high-energy club. tough-playing group. Thus far, everything is going well.”
For Fournier, the more important concern is whether he will be able to play for the Pistons until the end of the campaign. Fournier stated that he hasn’t received any assurances from anyone, despite the Pistons’ recent seasons of pursuit of him. “They have not made any statement. Troy called me as soon as I was traded, saying they had been trying to acquire me for the previous few seasons and that I was desired here. We’ll see. I have no idea what will transpire.”
During his three years with the Knicks, Fournier averaged 11.8 points. Before being cut from the starting lineup a few months into the previous season, he averaged 14.1 points in his first campaign. After two fruitless years in New York, he was unable to make his way back into the starting lineup and will now try to rehabilitate his career. This season, he only appeared in three games for the Knicks, scoring 4.0 points per game.

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