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The Dallas Cowboys are starting their offseason early, so the players are using this time to heal from any injuries they sustained in 2023. TE Peyton Hendershot, G T.J. Bass, and CB Stephon Gilmore underwent surgery soon after the season finished in order to play the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs, according to ESPN’s Todd Archer.

Dallas Cowboys head coach says he's ready for Philly on Sunday – NBC 5  Dallas-Fort Worth

I’m not sure whether this has been publicized, but shortly after the season finished, CB Stephon Gilmore (shouder), TE Peyton Hendershot (ankle), and G T.J. Bass (elbow) underwent operations. Bass and Hendershot make a solid off-season team. Gilmore, who is expected to be an FA, can return from camp after a 4-6 month rest period.

Gilmore deserves special attention because of his performance in his debut season as a Cowboy. Gilmore’s recuperation period would be the longest at four to six months if the front office chose to bring him back because he is scheduled to be a free agency.

He played through his ruptured labrum in the Wild Card game despite suffering the injury in Week 18 against the Washington Commanders. Because of the nature of Gilmore’s injury, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn chose to use a strong zone coverage strategy against the Packers.

Despite playing little in 2023, Bass and Hendershot have bright futures with Dallas as guys the franchise wants to develop. A few weeks into the season, Hendershot had an ankle injury that put him on injured reserve. Although he battled to return before the season ended, surgery was necessary due to the severity of the injury.

Fans are looking forward to Bass because of what they witnessed when he filled in at left and right guard. If Tyler Smith moves to left tackle, if Zack Martin retires in a few seasons, or if the coaches decide to try the undrafted rookie at center, he may be considered as a starter along the offensive line.

If Gilmore signs a new deal and comes to Dallas, all three players ought to be fit by September’s first week of play.

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