Doc River is searching for two best  players because…….

In the last two drafts, the Miami Heat have discovered hidden treasures in Nikola Jovic and Jaime Jaquez, according to Milwaukee Bucks coach Doc Rivers.

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Because of their success, the Miami Heat were selected with the 27th and 18th overall choices in the last two NBA drafts.


We may safely conclude that they maximized their choices.

After making those decisions, the Heat acquired Nikola Jovic and Jaime Jaquez, both of whom have contributed regularly since joining the team. Many, including Doc Rivers of the Milwaukee Bucks, have been amazed by their ability to make an immediate impact despite being low overall selections.

“Miami does it again,” Rivers declared a while back. It’s odd because, to be honest, I wasn’t even in a competitive situation, yet it still annoyed me. Like, how are these guys in their 20s still getting picked up? They persist in doing so.They essentially target individuals that suit their culture and the way they want to play, which is why I even asked Erik this, and at the time he would tell me, I don’t believe he would tell me now.

Earlier this week, Jovic led the Heat to win over the Bucks, scoring 24 points on eight 3-pointers. Before suffering a hamstring injury, Jaquez was maybe a contender for Rookie of the Year. Nevertheless, he will take part in the All-Star weekend Rising Stars game and dunk competition.

According to Rivers, “Jaquez is a perfect fit for who they are and how they want to be.” It’s weird, because I believe that some guys deliberately pursue them with the thought, ‘Man, I’d fit in this system.’ That’s what Utah did for years under Jerry Sloan. They persisted in doing it. Miami is also doing it. However, their strategy, style of play, and method of targeting are more important. However, seeing those two men is entertaining.

Shandel Richardson covers the Miami Heat for Sports Illustrated on Fan Nation’s Inside The Heat channel. Since 2010, he has covered the NBA.

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