JUST IN:A potential Hall of Famer disclosed that he almost…

Kobe Bryant was able to win his fourth and fifth championships with the Los Angeles Lakers thanks to the team trading for Pau Gasol.

Once that partnership started to wind down, the Lakers were trying to find new ways to add juice to the roster and give Kobe his sixth (and potentially more) championship.There is the infamous Chris Paul trade that happened and then was vetoed by the league. That remains one of the biggest what-ifs in Lakers history that would have had a massive ripple effect throughout the NBA.What the Lakers ultimately settled on was a trade for Dwight Howard, which did not go as planned at all. Before that trade, though, the Lakers nearly made a deal for a different future Hall of Famer. In an appearance on ‘The Why with Dwyane Wade’, Carmelo Anthony confirmed that a trade with the Lakers was a “done deal”.

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