JUSTIN: Chicago Bears have made the best move to sign..

Chicago Bears have made the best move.. to sign a running back this offseason?

The Chicago Bears’ running game was hit-or-miss last year. All three of Khalil Herbert, D’onta Foreman, and Roschon Johnson had their moments, but all three also had injuries and low points during the season. Foreman is going to sign somewhere else in free agency. Do the Bears need to replace him, and how will they go about doing that?

Do the Chicago Bears need to sign a running back this offseason?

They learned that while they will want to sign someone, they do not have to go out of their way to do it. After the team drafted Roschon Johnson and began to trust him in the offense, it became clear that D’onta Foreman did not have a role.

Herbert was the more explosive runner, Roschon Johnson was out there on passing downs, and even Travis Homer played special teams which gave him a role on gamedays that Foreman did not have. Foreman was inactive for six weeks throughout the season.

So, if the Chicago Bears signed a running back, they would either be playing special teams or eating into the work of one of Herbert or Johnson. Or, that running back would be signing with an understanding that if those two are healthy, he will be inactive. Still, that is going to limit the pool greatly.

If the Chicago Bears do anything noteworthy at running back it would be drafting one late on day three. They could sit as a rookie, then when Herbert is a free agent next offseason the Bears could bring that player into the mix.

Still, as they stand now, the fourth runner could be filled by a UDFA rookie. Herbert will start, Johnson will play passing downs and short yardage, and Homer has his special teams role. The room is pretty set.

After some not-so-cryptic social media posts hit the internet last week, it isn’t too surprising to see the Chicago Bears releasing Eddie Jackson. The move might not make fans happy, and that’s the human element of this sport.

The Chicago Bears release Eddie Jackson, clears $12.56M of cap

The NFL is one of the largest businesses in the world, so these decisions aren’t done so lightly.

Eddie Jackson was a key member of the 2018 Chicago Bears team, which resonates highly with younger Bears fans. In recent memory, that team was one of the most special ones, and it was special in-part by Eddie Jackson.

Unfortunately for Eddie Jackson, he isn’t the 2018 Bo Jack fans fell in love with. There was a belief he might’ve returned in 2022, though an injury stopped that train. And with Jaylon Johnson needing a large contract, this move and the Cody Whitehair move are likely being done to get money for Jaylon Johnson’s next contract.

Eddie Jackson isn’t a bad football player; the Bears just needed money to pay their younger players who would be with the team longer than Jackson would.

Releasing Jackson clears up almost $13 million in salary cap space, which is almost enough to cover one year of Jaylon Johnson’s contract. In a defense that needs leaders to perform at a high level, out with Eddie Jackson and in with Jaylon Johnson.

The Bears have a chance this off-season to replace Eddie Jackson and re-sign Jaylon Johnson. If that means letting go of a player no longer in their prime, it’s a move that needs to be made.

And the Chicago Bears have made one-half of the move already. Now, go extend Jaylon Johnson.

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