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Unexpectedly, Jaylen Brown will play for the Boston Celtics on Saturday night in an attempt to win the dunk contest, which Gerald Green last won for the team in 2007. Brown is excited to bring the dunk contest back to its former glory, even if it seems like some of the league’s best players have shied away from it in recent years.

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During the All-Star Weekend media day on Saturday, Brown stated, “I think the art of dunking is dope,” according to CLNS Media. “It always has been — from the early days up till now — so it sucks to see the abandonment of the dunk contest.”

Throughout league history, the dunk contest has included some of the top dunkers in the league. Viewers have been in awe of some of the show-stopping dunks performed at the event, including Vince Carter’s legendary performance in the 2000 dunk contest, Dwight Howard’s iconic Superman dunk, Michael Jordan’s free-throw line slam, an undersized Nate Robinson shocking the world, and the legendary battles between Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine.

However, the best players in the league have seemed to avoid the tournament in previous years. Since Blake Griffin in 2011, an All-Star has not won the competition until Brown, who is the first to compete since Victor Oladipo in 2018. The NBA has had to delve into the G-League in recent years to replenish the dunk contest participant pool, which includes Mac McClung, the reigning winner.

Dunking, according to Brown, “is an art form.” “For me, it’s about the show, the leadup, the buildup — I think people will appreciate some of the stuff I’ll do tonight once it gets slowed down, once you see the replay, but I think dunking is an art form.”

Even though Brown was the biggest figure to enter the competition in a few years, not everyone thought he was eligible. Anthony Edwards, a top player for the Minnesota Timberwolves and a native of Georgia, questioned Brown’s reasoning for entering the competition.

When asked about the remarks, Brown responded, “Ant-Man should know what I was thinking.” “We both hail from the same city; he used to watch me fly through the air at the games and has seen me before.” Ant-Man is my boy.

In his sixth season, Brown has amassed a solid resume of in-game poster dunks. When he has the chance, Brown never fails to wow the crowd and his teammates, whether it’s via dribbling through contact for a slam or having the time and space to pull off a breathtaking dunk. Brown knows that he is a really good in-game dunker.

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