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Teams like the Miami Heat have a little window of opportunity to create an impression before the NBA trade deadline approaches.

Top NBA Trade Candidates for the 2023-24 Season

The Heat created a stir when they acquired veteran player Terry Rozier last month, but sports pundit Bill Simmons is fascinated by the prospect of Miami closing a trade with the Chicago Bulls.

Simmons would want to see Tyler Herro and an unprotected first-round pick sent to the Heat in exchange for DeMar DeRozan and Alex Caruso.

“I want to see Miami return [DeMar] DeRozan and [Alex] Caruso, as well as acquire Tyler Herro and an unprotected first pick in Chicago.”Miami is all in. Herro is the chip they utilize. They start with an unprotected. Perhaps Jović has to be included in it. I’m not sure what DeRozan’s worth is.

— Dru, February 7, 2024 (@dru_star)

Bill Simmons wants Miami Heat to trade Tyler Herro and 1st-rounder for DeMar  DeRozan and Alex Caruso - Heat Nation

The Heat would be taking a big risk by dealing away a 24-year-old player with a lot of club control in exchange for two experienced players with a lot less club control.

Herro has a contract that expires in 2026–2027. Caruso is expected to become a free agent in the 2025 summer, while DeRozan is expected to become one this coming offseason.

“I want to see Miami get Alex Caruso and DeMar DeRozan from Chicago, as well as Tyler Herro and an unprotected first pick.Miami invests heavily. They make use of Herro chips. They begin by using an unguarded. Perhaps they should include Jović in it. I’m not sure how much DeRozan is worth &

— February 7, 2024, Dru (@dru_star)

For two veterans with far less club control in exchange for a 24-year-old with lots of club control, the Heat would be taking a big risk with this trade.

Herro has a contract until the 2026–2027 campaign. DeRozan and Caruso, however, will both become unrestricted free agents in the next summer of 2025 and 2026, respectively.

Herro is no stranger to trade speculations, having played for the Heat his whole career. To his credit, though, he has always managed to maintain composure in the face of excitement, so supporters should anticipate more of the same from him as the 2023–24 season deadline draws near.

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