SHOCKING:The potential cost of the Anthony Davis trade may significantly…

The Pelicans must decide on the fate of a first-round draft pick acquired from the Anthony Davis trade.

The Los Angeles Lakers have already reaped the benefits of the 2019 Anthony Davis trade with the Pelicans, but it required the front office to give up a hefty return to reach that point. Los Angeles has been chasing another LeBron and AD championship since 2020, and 2023-24 could be their last shot.

LeBron’s said he wants to stay in Los Angeles, but because of his $51.4 million player option for 2024-25, there’s no guarantee he will. How the rest of the Lakers’ season plays out could be the deciding factor in his future. One team that should be rooting extra hard for the superstar to leave LA is New Orleans, and it goes deeper than wanting LeBron to possibly leave the Western Conference.The Pelicans received three first-round picks from the Lakers in the AD trade, including a 2024 or 2025 unprotected pick. New Orleans could defer the pick to 2025, which will consist of a stronger draft class than 2024 and could be a higher pick.

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