Tampa Head Coach Signed The Offense Line And leave Sudden…….

At the NFL Scouting Combine, Joe questioned Bowles on parting ways with co-offensive line coaches Joe Gilbert and Harold Goodwin, who also served as Bowles’ assistant head coach (1976).

After serving as a tandem for five seasons in Tampa, the pair is currently employed by the Panthers under head coach Dave Canales, who was the playcaller for the Bucs the previous year.

“Their contracts were terminated,” Bowles said. “Their connection with Dave was good. Although the Bucs had offered them contracts, they decided to go to Carolina in order to maintain their continuity with Dave. And that’s okay with me because it was a wise choice because you want your new offensive coordinator to feel at ease with the people in his immediate vicinity.

Joe gets the impression that Gilbert and Goodwin will make more money in the Panthers than they would in Tampa. Maybe they believed there would be more job stability. That’s not really clear.

It’s evident that Bowles didn’t feel very connected to Gilbert and Goodwin.

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