Just In: Detroit Pistons Head Coach Have New Team Player of the Year…

When the Detroit Pistons were on a 28-game losing run, it was not enjoyable.

The jokes were the first, and almost everyone on social media, including Pistons supporters, had one. Identify it as a coping strategy.

Then followed the much greater pity, as supporters all throughout the league jeered mockingly for Detroit to finally break the record, making them America’s team for a little while.

Fans of the Pistons have short memories, so when someone mistreats us, we remember it and we definitely save the receipts.

The Pistons are presently not the worst club in the NBA, a title that now belongs to the Washington Wizards, but for how long? This puts them in an unusual situation.

Many of us recall when Kyle Kuzma, a native of Flint, joined in on the fun and said that nobody wants to be “that” team when the Pistons lose during the run.

The Wizards have never been any better and are probably in even worse situation than Detroit in terms of their reconstruction, so it was absurd from the start. With two players in their starting five making well over $20 million a season—Jordan Poole, who has one of the worst contracts in the league and is performing more like Killian Hayes than Cade Cunningham—they lack a clear star.

The Wizards have dropped 13 straight games and are 9-50 for the season. Kuz, congrats! Your Wizards are officially “that” team.

Ironically, they would have a chance to lose against the Pistons for a record 28 games in a row if they continued to lose; talk about a miserable Super Bowl.

With just 24 games left in the season and a game against the Cavaliers tonight, the Pistons are hardly in position to celebrate their current standing. By the end of the day, they will probably be back at the bottom against the Wizards.

For a fleeting, brilliant moment, however, the Detroit Pistons are no longer “that” club and have risen far enough out of the abyss to be able to look down on one. Hopefully, it will last.

This is more about highlighting how silly it is to act that way when you’re also terrible than it is about boasting or talking trash. However, I still adore Kuzma, and who knows? Maybe one day he’ll play for his home team—ideally, the Pistons will need a guy like him to propel them toward a championship.

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