NOTICE;Snooker bosses must ignore John Higgins and keep….

Snooker bosses must ignore John Higgins and keep sport’s classy dress code.

Although it may come from a sincere place, John Higgins’s request to loosen the clothing code for snooker is misguided.

Snooker legend John Higgins shows off incredible body transformation after  near four stone weight loss at spin classes | The Irish Sun

Higgins would prefer tournaments to move away from the game’s traditional shirt-and-bow-tie look which is perhaps not surprising as one of the more jowly baize exponents.

The waistcoat elegance is part of snooker’s DNA though. It is what helps to frame it as a sport with standards.

The players looked odd in darts-style T-shirts at the Champion of Champions event. Like they were at the practice table.

Doug Mountjoy might have worn some racy frilly dress shirts but he wouldn’t have been seen dead in a T-shirt and flared jeans.


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