The reason Commander would probably purchase three players is…..

This summer, Justin Fields will most likely be traded by the Chicago Bears. The focus now is more on the potential return and the club that may deal for Fields. The Washington Commanders are one squad that is impossible to overlook. For what reason would they deal Justin Fields.

Washington Commanders Trade for Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields Idea  Revealed - Sports Illustrated Washington Football News, Analysis and More

The Washington Commanders are presently the second overall choice, as you may be aware. Even though the question of whether the Commanders will trade up to the top spot is frequently brought up, a tango requires two players. The Chicago Bears won’t trade the number one selection if they don’t want to.

If that’s the case, most supporters and the media will believe that the Commadners would simply select the second-best quarterback, but that’s not a given. While one of these quarterbacks may be the Commanders’ first choice, the others may not rate as highly. The Bears won’t just select the next player because it’s the popular choice if they select their player. Marvin Harrison may be taken by them.

They would be in a better position to trade for Justin Fields if that were the case. The Bears had taken a quarterback, and the Commanders would have known that the bids were not coming in strong if they hadn’t traded Fields by then. Playing it cool, Washington might pretend they are selecting a quarterback at the second pick, then upend the situation by adding Fields on a shoestring and selecting the best receiver available in the draft.

The Chicago Bears need to be ready in case the Commanders decide not to sit at two and select a quarterback, but that is the likelihood. What happens if Justin Fields is offered instead by the Washington Commanders?

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