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Whatever way you look at it, the Detroit Pistons’ season has been a complete bust. The Detroit Pistons bring in two guys with the potential to start They failed to achieve the expected growth, and the young players’ development has been uneven due to their frequent role changes and the roster’s poor fit.


Cade Cunningham is a rising sensation who will only get better. I’m sick and tired of people disparaging Cade and blaming him for the Pistons’ dismal performance. Even though a person putting up stats would be deemed a star on any other club, some supporters don’t think it makes him “that” guy. I’m announcing it. Yes, he is.

Jaden Ivey appears to be a deserving sidekick. Even if he never perfects his 3-point jumper, Ausar Thompson has all the makings of a fantastic offensive player and wing defender. Jalen Duren is a very talented young big man.

Even as role players off the bench, Marcus Sasser, Quentin Grimes, and Isaiah Stewart are all capable players, so the Pistons have plenty of room to grow. The question is whether they will continue to add sand on top of this sturdy foundation or use it to create something actual.

This offseason presents them with a unique chance to start over, make a clean slate, and yet get better—the issue is, will they take advantage of it.

After signing Stanley Umude to a two-year contract yesterday, the Pistons have just eight players under contract for the next campaign.

That brings the total to nine since we anticipate that they will re-sign Simone Fontecchio. That gives them six places to fill in order to form a cohesive squad around a promising core.

They will definitely have some stars up for trade this summer, and they have enough of contract money to do it in free agency.

Will Detroit, however, focus more on the players they already have or make the required additions.

Will James Wiseman, who is suddenly seeing consistent playing time off the bench, be brought back? Will they bring back Evan Fournier, a costly player in the mould of Joe Harris who, should the Pistons exercise his option, is owed $19 million? How about Malachi Flynn, Shake Milton, and Troy Brown Jr.? The final four players, although too young to take any of the credit for this awful season, are also players who have shown who they are—that is, people who aren’t skilled enough to play for elite teams—so why does that make them suitable for the Pistons.

Unfortunately, even after the Detroit Pistons nearly had the worst record in NBA history, I wouldn’t be astonished if they brought any of these players back. That would be a grave mistake.

To support their core, they require better and more complementary role players as well as boosts in skill across the board. Instead of cut guys from a deep bench, they need individuals who have proven they can be a part of a playoff team’s rotation.

The Pistons just cannot commit to this squad any longer, even if it means giving up one of the Core Four in exchange for a star and a more sensible lineup. Instead of hoping, they need six fresh players to take those slots.

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