WHAT A GREAT SIGNING: The Miami Heat have signed a veteran small forward who will be the…

Damian Lillard, a former Miami Heat, recently spoke about his first impressions of the Milwaukee Bucks.
In the NBA, Damian Lillard plays on a club that is seen as a title contender.

Because Giannis Antetokounmpo is the standout player for the Milwaukee Bucks, he is under less pressure. Doc Rivers is his championship-winning coach.
Lillard should have no complaints, but lately he said that Milwaukee is a “lonely” place to live. He recently discussed his first-year experiences working with Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix.

Lillard remarked, “Bro, go to practice, go home, watch boxing, play video games,” describing his Milwaukee everyday schedule. “Dude, I keep searching for fresh content on YouTube by typing in [boxing website] FightHype 100 times. I really don’t have a whole life. However, that’s the price you pay for becoming a big boy. You must be willing to do it and work through it.”

It was assumed last summer that Lillard would sign a contract with the Miami Heat. In particular, he asked to be traded to the Heat in order to play with his close buddy Bam Adebayo. Jimmy Butler seemed to be intentionally seeking out Lillard.

That created a free agency that was full of back-and-forth conjecture and soap opera-like drama. The Portland Trail Blazers, Lillard’s previous team, were unable to reach an agreement with the Heat.

Tyler Herro didn’t pique the Blazers’ curiosity. Adebayo was one player the Heat did not want to lose. The Heat are still in a position to contend for another NBA Finals appearance five months later. The Bucks have struggled with bringing in a new top player.

These remarks also beg the question of whether Lillard would have been happy in Miami, where he would have plenty more to do than browse YouTube.

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