Major Reason Why The NBA must acknowledge a missed call during the Lakers vs. Clippers game…

On Wednesday night, the Los Angeles Lakers staged a remarkable comeback against the LA Clippers, erasing a 21-point deficit to secure what could be considered their most impressive victory of the season.

The NBA has released their Last Two Minute Report for this game, and it includes one missed call in the final two minutes. According to the NBA, James Harden fouled Anthony Davis on a rebound attempt with 1:38 remaining. The Lakers ended up regaining possession after Daniel Theis fell out of bounds, so it was ultimately an inconsequential missed call.According to the NBA, every other call or non-call in the final two minutes of the game was correctly ruled. There didn’t seem to be many major issues with the officiating from either side, at least not down the stretch, as the Clippers simply lost that game on their own.Unable to contain LeBron James in the fourth quarter, the Clippers let him have his way, getting the matchup he wanted every time down the court.

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