DONE DEAL: Dallas Cowboys Finally Agreed On Signing Star Player….

One of the most intriguing narratives to follow this offseason is that the Dallas Cowboys will be among the teams needing to win, progress in the playoffs, and challenge for the Lombardi Trophy in order to be deemed successful in 2024.

Dak Prescott had one of his greatest NFL seasons, passing for 4,519 yards, 36 touchdowns, and nine interceptions with the highest QB rating of his career (105.9), after a majority of 2023 in which he led the MVP argument.

The Cowboys quarterback’s incapacity to lead his club deep into the playoffs and make a push for the Super Bowl, however, has raised the most concerns. They have ended with a (12-5) record for the previous three seasons in a row, however they have failed to get past the Divisional Round both times, losing their opening round Wildcard match.

The Cowboys are expected to extend Dak Prescott’s deal in order to reduce his 2024 salary cap charge of $59.4 million. This is expected to happen this summer. However, Jerry Jones, the owner, did not rule out the quarterback finishing out his contract.

As reported by Nick Harris of the team website on Friday, the Dallas Cowboys owner told reporters, “We don’t need to [extend Prescott’s deal], but we can if everybody wants to solve it.” You may enter, get things moving in the same direction, and try to reach a consensus. If not, the system we have in place functions. Therefore, it goes without saying that if you go one route, you’ll be handling some of the other team members in a different manner, but you can’t truly prepare for it until you see where you end up.

Though it would push money to 2025 and 2026, the Cowboys could implement a straightforward reorganization that would provide them $18.52 million in salary relief for this season. Prescott would still count roughly $55 million against the cap in 2025 even if he played elsewhere.

The Cowboys face losing Prescott at the end of this season if they don’t sign an agreement.

He is subject to both a no-trade and a no-tag clause.

No, I’m not afraid of it,” Jones replied. “Every player you have has a contract that expires at some point. If you were afraid of it, you would be shaky all over. Because they all arise, you are unable to. Any of them may get injured. There’s no need to be afraid because everyone can lose some skill.

According to Jones, the Dallas Cowboys may go “all-in” by making enough cap space without having to extend Dak Prescott’s contract. or at least Jones’ interpretation of “all-in.”

When asked explicitly if the Cowboys could be “all-in” without an extension, Jones said, “Absolutely.” “All you need to do is modify your course and approach to fully commit.”

The Cowboys will start working on Prescott’s contract shortly, but according to Jones, the organization has not decided when to decide whether to extend it.

The key thing is that Prescott will be our quarterback [in 2024] regardless of what we decide to do or don’t do [with his deal], Jones stated.

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