Will James Dolan sell the New York Knicks? $6. 5 Billion Franchise Owner Status Survey ..

The New York Knicks are one of the most traditional franchises in the NBA.
But given the controversy surrounding owner James Dolan, who has owned the team since 1999, many are wondering if it’s time for him to sell the team.
Dolan and convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein have been charged with sex trafficking and sexual assault, according to reports Tuesday.

James Dolan bloodbath a harsh reminder for Rangers, Knicks

Before the season started, Dolan gave an interesting perspective on being a Knicks owner.
According to him, he doesn’t like being the owner of a sports team, even though he also owns the New York Rangers and previously owned the New York Liberty.
The owner has no plans to sell the Knicks anytime soon.
However, many fans are not happy with Dolan and have repeatedly protested his decision to sell the team.
However, the owner ignored the criticism and continued to make plans for his future.
Thanks to Dolan, the Knicks have become one of his most valuable franchises in the NBA.
The New York team has grown to a net worth of $6.
6 billion.
Fans will be happy if James Dolan decides to sell the team.
Many fans would be happy if he sold the franchise, considering the team didn’t have much success during his time as owner.
Dolan has stated multiple times that he has no plans to sell the team.
But he’s not the biggest fan of owning both the Knicks and Rangers franchises.
Dolan was interviewed by The New York Times in September about recent business developments involving the Sphere, a music and entertainment venue in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Interestingly, he was talking about why he doesn’t want to buy another sports franchise.
Last year, it was also reported that Dolan intended to sell a minority stake in the team.
MSG Sports President and COO David Hopkinson confirmed this in February, saying that while he has no interest in selling the franchise, there is still a chance the Knicks could sell a minority stake.

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