Arthur Smith got three seasons to mentor the Atlanta Birds of prey before the front office continued on after a 41% dominate rate across 51 matches. Presently, group proprietor Arthur Clear and senior supervisor Terry Fontenot need to find a substitution who can come by additional outcomes out of a youthful offense loaded up with potential while finding an establishment quarterback.

Arthur Blank to speak at UGA on March 27 - UGA Today

It’s a tall errand, and the Hawks might miss the mark regarding their objectives immediately, however the one thing they can’t bear to do, is employ some unacceptable mentor. The NFC South is completely open, and on the off chance that another mentor can get even a tiny smidgen of progress over last season’s 7-10 record, the Birds of prey could be taking a gander at a season finisher spot next season.

The Falcons have interviewed nine head coaching prospects so far, and there may be more to come. However, only a small number of these candidates have been invited back for additional sessions. Blank is aiming to hire perhaps the best head coach in NFL history to take over as head coach of the Falcons, knowing they can’t afford to regress.

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If Bill Belichick desires it, he is apparently the candidate to lead the Atlanta Falcons.

The Atlanta Falcons have already conducted two interviews with Bill Belichick; the most recent one ended on Friday. Belichick enjoyed supper with GM Terry Fontenot, team president Greg Beadles, CEO Rich McKay, and executive assistant Arthur Blank. Everybody who made decisions was present.

NFL insider Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports claims that Blank “desperately” wants to get Belichick on board immediately and that the head coaching job with the Falcons is his to have if the six-time Super Bowl winner so desires. According to his sources, Belichick is currently “50/50” about accepting the position.

Even though Belichick seems certain to be hired soon, the Falcons still need to pass one more obstacle in order to be in compliance with NFL regulations. Belichick cannot be employed before they have a face-to-face interview with a minimum of one candidate from a minority group.

About Belichick possibly moving to Atlanta, one of the main concerns is how the organization’s power structure would function. As general manager and head coach in New England, he had the last say on the roster.

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