Breaking News :The Biggest Reason Why Atlanta We Like To signed Russell Wilson For Free…

This offseason, one quarterback will be acquired by the Falcons; the only question is which one.

As their best option, Terry Fontenot is anticipated to try to move up in the draft to identify the signal caller of the future. But it’s quite possible—possibly even likely—that the Falcons aren’t given the chance at all.

Certainly, trading for Justin Fields is a possibility. Atlanta may also consider signing Baker Mayfield or Kirk Cousins. But each of those purchases comes with challenges. Fields’ suitability in Zac Robinson’s scheme may be questioned by the Falcons, while Cousins and Mayfield may decide to re-sign with their respective teams.

What is the Falcons’ current situation? Russell Wilson may end up coming to Atlanta thanks to Terry Fontenot and Raheem Morris. There’s one factor that makes Wilson a desirable target.

After the Broncos release him, Wilson could accept the veteran’s minimum salary, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

“Although they owe Russell Wilson $39 million in guaranteed money, everyone I’ve talked to around the league expects the Denver Broncos to rip the band-aid off and release him at some point around the new league year in the next few weeks,” Fowler stated on SportsCenter on Sunday, per Bleacher Report. However, they can beginnew, he is free to sign elsewhere. There is a perception that since he is certain to have all that money in hand, he will sign for far less—possibly even the league minimum. He will thus have choices. I get the impression from speaking with organizations and scouts that he is still a starter in the NFL and will find employment eventually.

Wilson has a $39 million contract with Denver for the upcoming season, but if he stays on the team by March 17, the team may wind up guaranteeing his $37 million pay for 2025, thus it’s all but certain that Wilson will become a free agent.

Wilson’s contract states that the money Denver owes him will be deducted from any earnings he makes the following season with another team. The veteran could theoretically be signed by the Falcons in 2024 for the league minimum and receive financial assurance in 2025.

At this stage of his career, Wilson obviously isn’t the same quarterback as Kirk Cousins or even Baker Mayfield, but paying the league minimum for a starting quarterback is like highway robbery.

The defense and supporting players might virtually receive all of the Falcons’ free agent expenditures. Although there are many reasons not to consider Russell Wilson as a free agent, his acquisition fee is by far the biggest drawback.

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